By accepting a request from a Prisma Health representative to have remote access to your device (a “Remote Access Session”), you understand that, during the Remote Access Session, a Prisma Health representative will have the ability to view and access your device’s information, including but not limited to, email, photos, contact lists, apps, and device specific information. You also acknowledge and agree that, during the course of the Remote Access Session, Prisma Health will collect data related to your device, its components, and the applications on your device and retain that data for ninety (90) days. By agreeing to use the Prisma Health Remote Access Session, you agree that Prisma Health, nor its directors, affiliates, employees, affiliate’s employees, and agents do not accept any liability or responsibility for linking and viewing your device’s content. You further agree to hold Prisma Health and its directors, affiliates, employees, affiliate’s employees, and agents harmless from any and all claims, suits, costs, demands, judgments, or expenses that may arise from, whether directly or indirectly, the Remote Access Session and Prisma Health’s access to your device(s). YOU MAY TERMINATE THE SESSION AT ANYTIME. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO CONTINUE, DO NOT AGREE TO ALLOW PRISMA HEALTH REMOTE ACCESS TO YOUR DEVICE.